Got some tricks

I recently invented some tricks (7 to be exact). I call them Dynamo (this is close to a combo actually), Amusement Park (also close to a combo), Optical Illusion (again close to a combo), Roly-Poly, Secret .V1, Secret .V2 (another variation for Secret .V1), Secret .V3 (another variation for Secret .V1)

If I get some replies wanting to know how to do some of these tricks, I’ll post some of them on these forums.

Unless you are going to post a video for these tricks, nobody is really going to be able to learn them…

Text just doesn’t really work. I learn this by making a thread about the first trick I invented…and everybody complained that the text was too hard too understand. LOL.

And not to mention I have read the instructions for most of these tricks via your emails to me. I didn’t really understand any of the tricks…

That’s a good idea. I’ll upload videos as soon as I can. I just don’t want to got through the trouble of doing that unless people would like to know about them.

I do!

Thanks. Which ones do you want me to make a video of?

Amusement park, optical illusion, and vol. 1 of roly poly

Roly Poly only has one section. Secret has the different versions.

Ok do whatever you want.

Here is a video of my tricks.

Yoyo Tricks.wlmp (28.1 KB)

How did you upload your video? I can’t get it to work.

What you do is simple. When you are writing your post or reply, there is a button below the space that you type. This button says Additional Options… Click on that and then click on Attach. Browse your files and attach whatever you want. That is how you do files. IDK how to do YouTube videos though.

Posting YouTube videos is even easier. Just attach the link to the video on your post.

That too. I am not aloud to do YouTube but I would have done that if I was. As you may have noticed, I did no use YouTube.

Idk why but your link is not working.

So, all your doing is attaching files? How do we watch them? Download them?

You don’t. :slight_smile:

Yeah, about that, I’ve been having trouble lately. Trying to figure out the problem.

If it helps, I get a message saying that I don’t have the program to watch it, and that I have to search for it or something.

Yes, that does help. Unfortunately, the software (program) that I use is one of the only ones that I can use right now. I use Windows Live Movie Maker. This may help. See if you have it or if you can download it. This would help me a ton. I will still try to fix things though. If you do have the software somewhere or you get it, tell me if the video works, please.

You might be able to use Vimeo, if you can’t use YouTube.