Got a few yoyos FS/FT need mod fodder. Updated 5-29

Looking for offers or trades. Need some stuff to cut on in the lathe. If you got a broken, beat up or stripped yoyo I may be interested.

Dv888 black mint no box

Replay pro Satined by me has a flat gold bearing

Metal racer Satined by me some chrome flaking on the caps

Modded FHZ I did not mod this got it in a trade. One side is silicone recessed.

Bearing king top with 2 extra fixed top tips

My wants. May buy for the right price.

Curcifix/ Curcifier
44rpm Surf
Yyj eneme
Clyw Marmot
Duncan Haymaker
Werrd Beef
Werrd Mystery Meat
Yyf Ricochet
Yyf 08 888
Yyf Skyline
Yyf Lunatic
Yyf 2.0
Case for 6-12 yoyos

Thanks for looking.