GoPro Test

I recently got my new camera, and I figured I had to make a video. Includes longboarding, Kendama, a little parkour and yoyoing of course. Feel free to drop it a like, and go ahead and subscribe while you’re at it  ;).


Nice video, that was some good horizontal! Did you mount your camera on top of your longboard in the front?

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Yup, at a slight angle on the front of the board.

Love it duskeye.

I REALLY need to get a gopro haha

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Hardcore parkour.

Whoa. Everything in that video was awesome.

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If that’s a test… Then what’s the real thing? Haha, that was amazing!

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Birthday bump.

Happy Birthday bro!

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Thank you!

Great video!

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Wow youre really really good !! How long have you been throwing for? I can only dream of being that awesome.

Also were you using an avalanche?

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I’ve been throwing for about a year and 4 months now, and thanks! Also, yes it is a Comeback Avalanche

What string were you using in the video?

That was absolutely amazing.

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I think standard YYE Poly, why?

Nice video duskeye and good quality too! Is it just me or were there a lot of sped up parts?

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