Good and Evil 2: Poison

Hello all, got a Good and Evil 2 up for sale or trade.

I purchased this G&E2: Poison (#239) a short while ago. It’s a great yoyo, but a bit tall compared to what I’m used to. The yoyo is in the same shape as I received it in, a few scuffs. Pictured is the worst scuff.

The bearing was cleaned and lightly lubed as soon as I got it, and I’ve put in a brand new set of Dif-E-Yo pads. I have the original box, and the shims and O-rings for it.

I’m also adding my YYF Frantic. It’s a decent yoyo, but doesn’t get much play. I received it in trade, and the axle that was/is in it is the wrong axle. It still works fine, but is a bit short. Occasionally requires adjustment. It also has a few scuffs.

(prices include shipping in the US)
G&E2 : 55 OBO
Frantic: 35 OBO

For trades I’m willing to consider anything, feel free to contact me with any trade offers (mintness isn’t a big issue). I wouldn’t even mind trading for some quality plastics ie PGM, protostar, looper pairs, etc. And for a suitable single offer, I would let both of them go.

V- Worst mark on it (Click to view full size)-V

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Added YYF Frantic