(G2 Jake) #1

888x mint and smooth with red rices stacks gone
genesis 2 tiny pin pricks on the side of the IRG. Gone
mint smooth code 1 now and later edition, 80$ shipped
mint smooth addiction v2 75$ shipped
Looking for DANG, or Avalanche

or turtle beach x3a headset, or xbox live membership, or game stop gift cards.


how much for a original markmont paint job


how much for the 888

(YoYoSwizz) #28

do you have any other pics of the genesis?


how much for the 888x code 1 and addiction?

(G2 Jake) #34

888 is gone

145 shipped for the addiction and code 1.


will u trade the code 1, for a B grade General-yo Torrent 2 & a Werrd Pacquiao? The b grade general yo has no vibe, and dont even know why it was considered a b grade. its flawless, no nicks or anything.

(G2 Jake) #36

Send all trade offers through pm

If the PAC is also mint I till prly take the trade.


did u get the messages?


accepting trades?

(system) #39