Going to West Virginia this summer.


Hey, I’m going to be staying in West Virginia this summer for about a week. I’ll be in the Rock Hill Fayetteville area. I so don’t know West Virginia, me being from Louisiana, but if your close to these areas lemmie know I would love to come trade some tricks and what not.


Hey I live in West Virginia! The only thing is I live in Morgantown it’s a good ways away from Fayyeteville! :frowning:


as long as it isn’t like 4 hours i could swing it. I see you got a reXtreme, so yeah i wanna try that sucka out lol.


Yeah it’s awesome! Would love to try out a CLYW!


Hey Link,

I’m form Morgantown too!


NO WAY!!! That’s cool we should make a club or something!


It’s roughly 2:30 away from Morgantown.


I agree. I’ve never even seen anyone else who throws around here.
I’ve been wanting to trade tricks with someone.


Yeah. And I’ve been teaching some of my friends. One of them is taking it seriously the others not so much lol.


If you ever see a kid with a yoyo on me with that yoyofactory yoyo holder anywhere around town that’s me. We should trade tricks sometimes!