Godfathers of beyblade

I found this gem on YouTube, it’s so entertaining to watch.

What toy is that by the way? Is it a spintop?


Just loved it. Thanks for sharing that one. I wonder if we will be old gentlemen playing yoyos with that conviction.


Idk what these are called in Japanese, but these are definitely spin tops. There are some different styles you can get since this toy is present in many cultures. I have a few from a trip to Mexico.


Thanks for the info Serg

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I’m sure we will :smiley:

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They are spin tops (koma), called Kenkagoma or Beigoma. There’s a lot of different types of Spin tops from Japan and they’re all made a little different from one another based on the region or time period.

The Beigoma were casted metal and smaller in size. Kenkagoma were usually wood with a metal ring attached to the outside. They resemble beyblades in the fact that they’re flat and lower to the ground compared to the “teardrop” sort of shape you see on most spin tops. In the video, they are using Beigoma - which was taken to make “Bei-Buredo” or Beyblade.

There’s a lot of tricks and technique that go into throwing these spin tops. Notably with beyblades, when you launch with an attack type, you can force it to attack in a specific “flower” pattern based on the angle and distance you launch the beyblade. So the Meijin guy knows how to launch the Beigoma perfectly, which is why he has confidence. I’m sure his Beigoma was also casted specifically for him, or some sort of custom one.


Thank you for the info! This is so interesting.


No problem! Always happy to share what I know with these niche hobbies.

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