Gnarwhale or Sasquatch

Hey guys!

Since there has been the Boxing Day sale for cylw, I’ve been thinking about getting my first cylw!

I was wondering which one you guys like best. I only have a dv888, protostar, ONE, and a popstar so I don’t know preferences. I do like my protostar the best though!


Edit: what about the avalanche. Any ideas?

There aren’t any Sasquatches in stock right now, so that’s not really an option for the sale. However, I recommend a Chief.

If they were in stock though. There are a couple on sale on bst.

Go with a Sasquatch. The gnarwhal is a small Sasquatch. Also with all of your other throws, this will give you variety since it is an oversized throw. The gnarwhal is undersized to its not going to help you really figure out what your preferences are.

The gnarwhal is more similar to the DV888 and the Popstar (even if they still arent that similar) than the other options.