Glossary for new throwers

Hey guys, I’m fairly new to yo-yoing and I was just wondering if there was a dictionary or glossary for yo-yo terminology.
It would definitely helpful if we made one here and stickied it.

People are saying things like “WHiP is just another stackless PGM” and I was just wondering what “stackless” meant.

terms you will see on yoyoexpert:
PGM: plastic grind machine
silli: silliconing a yoyo
stackless: a yoyo with hubstacks removed
hubstacks: posts that stick out the sides of yoyos that enable you to grab the yoyo while it is still spinning.
BST: buy sell trade
LF: looking for…
FT: for trade…
FS: for sale…
1a-5a: the five main types of yoyoing
1a:standard unrepsonsive yoyoing involving string tricks, wraps, whips, and slacks.
2a: two looping yoyos at the same time
3a: two unresponsive yoyos at the same time.
4a: offstring meaning the yoyo completely leaves the string
5a: counter weight meaning the yoyo is not connected to your finger instead a counter weight is on the end of the string.
mod: a modification made to a yoyo.
bronie: a bro who loves ponies

Welcome to the forums!

I’m somewhat new as well, about 3 months in at this point.

1: I think your idea has merit, but the issue is really more a matter of who is going to maintain and manage such a dynamic document.

2: Shorthand varies from user to user. Still, you’ll see the same TLA’s(three letter acronyms) showing up over and over again.

3: I just missed you over on the chat. But, this still brings up my issue that you’ve already seemed to grasp: JUST ask your question. Most people will answer it.

4: If you’re gonna use the chat, please keep in mind that there’s a lot of time that most users are idle. That’s how the IRC/chat works. Patience is a virtue.

5: Back to your original inquiry for a glossary, you’ll find you pick up stuff fast.

Now, onto your question:
The Whip is a very inexpensive yoyo. The shape is very similar to the PGM(Plastic Grind Machine, as opposed to the original metal Grind Machine which I didn’t know existed until recently). The PGM has what are called hubstacks. This is some sort of system that involves a system on the outer sides of the yoyo that use bearings and some sort of stacked device that allows you to grasp the sides of the yoyo and let it spin. You can also do rip/pull starts. The PGM is, to the best of my limited research time, the least expensive yoyo that includes hubstacks. I’m planning to purchase one of each on my next YYE order(that will actually include many other items as well).

So, if you have a question, please feel free to do the following:
If you don’t mind, please use a search on the forum to see if it’s been asked before.
If you dont find an answer, then ask away!

i have actually just created such a thread as this idea has been in my head for a while now aswell. i will do my best to keep it all updated.

I saw that. I think that thread needs to be “informational only, no discussion”.

oh ok ill go add that

This is a great idea. Good job guys.

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