Give me a recommendation.


I’ve got about 55$ not including shipping, what do you all suggest?


Dibase 2… Exactly $55, you lucked out :smiley:


Zeekio core. Amazing yoyo

(SlimJoe) #4

There are some hours floating around in the bst. Jump on that blue one.


Another amazing yoyo! I got mine today, I love it.


For 55 bucks try to snag a cheap beat up clyw off the BST your welcome :wink:


Wait wat is it?


Don’t have paypal, Don’t trust sending 50 bucks in the mail.


Well if u wrap the cash in something to cover it u have no worries! Written on paper will do the trick I’ve done it a bunch of times!! Also Paypal is easy to set up but that’s your choice


If someone were willing to send me the throw first, fine. But I’m not sending money through the mail with a risk of not getting anything back, when I can just buy something off the store.


But… Shipping…I’d spend a little time on the BST.


My mum said she would be willing to pay for shipping, I’m just not a HUGE fan of the BST unless I’m putting something on.