Ghostwires BST! TP, Crucial, YYF, SPYY

Arctic Circle and avalanche traded in person for positron, maxbet, leviathan 2 and northstar!

Hey guys, ghostwire here with another bst. Here are some simple rules:

  1. Trade Only
  2. Only shipping to the U.S or Canada
  3. This is MY bst, do not argue with me abouts fair.
  4. Don’t offer on the TP unless you’re offering clyw, please.:slight_smile:

Any CLYW (especially a cliff)
Duncan barracuda
SPYY orbitron 5000

I have:

  1. CLYW Black w/ Green speckle Arctic Circle GONE!!!
  2. Ill vibes FG Avalanche GONE!!!
  3. Spearmint YYF Super G
  4. Wavelength cherrybomb Edition MVP
  5. Champions Collection Paul Han ONEstar
  6. Root Beer edition Crucial a la mode X Confection
  7. OD P2 (pending)
  8. Crucial DULCE
  9. Yyf 2011 supernova w my name laser engraved on it;)
  10. YYF Northstar (beater, but plays true)
  11. Champions collection loop 808s
  12. SPYY Ronin.

For more detailed pics, message me a cell number.