Ghost Rolls Tutorial by Aaron Davis

Hey guys! This week’s tutorial is for a repeater trick I made up at nats last year. It’s a super fun element, and one that is definitely worth exploring and integrating into your trick arsenal. As always, feedback on the tutorial is appreciated, and I’m always looking for requests for new trick tutorials.  Enjoy!

Nice! Reminds me of (but isn’t quite the same as) a trick someone showed me last year that I mostly forgot how to do. I was just thinking yesterday that I wished I could remember that trick… and this one will fill that same void. :wink:

Nice pacing and camera angles. Consequently, shouldn’t be too much of a bear to learn! Thanks, Aaron.

Thanks for the feedback Greg! I’m glad you’re enjoying the tutorials. I definitely wanted to put out a trick that would be fun for players of all levels to learn, so I’m glad this isn’t too daunting.

My boy Aaron is killin it!

Keep up the stellar work, Aaron! :slight_smile:

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Damn dude, that looks pretty sick! I’m adding that one to my list. Thanks for the good tut and the sweet trick!

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