Getting sick after a contest = BAMMERSAUCE

Anyone else have this problem? After NER this past weekend, my wife and I both came down with some type of a sickness. It wasn’t a stomach virus, thank dog. But it was enough to shut the both of us down for the last couple of days, and we’re still not at 100%. It sounds like we weren’t the only ones either, which is unfortunate.

Now I’m no doctor or anything. But when you take a bunch of people from different parts of the country, throw them in a venue with poor ventilation and a lot of humidity, that’s a recipe for people getting sick. People from NY might not be immune to the germs carried by people from MA, and vice versa.

So with that in mind, what are some ways that players (and their relatives/friends) can prevent becoming ill after contests? Any ideas? I’m not too worried about outdoor contests, to be honest. I’ve never gotten sick after one. But indoor contests, especially ones where there is humidity and close quarters, what can be done???

My wife swears by this:

YMMV - I don’t take it and am usually as healthy as anyone.

I get “incidences” that mimic food poisoning and/or stomach flu quite frequently. I suspect my wife’s cooking… However, being more serious for a moment, it’s happened at other places and other times. Let’s just say one time I felt fine at a restaurant, and after eating most of the meal, I had to go excuse myself and made room for dessert, if ya get my hidden meaning there. Unfortunately, as bulimics will tell you, you don’t get a refund if you don’t take the meal out of the restaurant with you, either IN you or in a take-out container.

Note: I’ve since eaten there 3 or 5 more times since without incidence and once before without incidence. I really suspect it’s me.

Anyhow, the cure is the same. I forget what it is though. I had to take something for it one time.

It could be something as simple as bad food preparation or improper sanitation. But yeah, bringing people together from all over, stuff like this can happen. It’s always wise to take simple extra steps like washing one’s hands more often, drinking more water, things like that. Either keep the stuff off and out of you, or help flush it out of you. If there’s simple over the counter remedies that you want to try, by all means go for it.

The day after NER I was ok, but yesterday I got sick and stayed home from school.

I get the meeting blues after a meeting

very depressing when you have to get back to the “real world” after living in a pretty much “perfect world” for a few days

I’m a little sniffley, and have a dryish throat, but that’s about it. I was more or less the same beforhand, though.

I always get really sick the day BEFORE a contest. I would rather be sick after one. I just have to tough if out when that happens, because literally before every contest, I get pretty sick. :frowning: