Getting Anno off

Hey guys,

I successfully removed the paint from the peak, now I need to remove the anno. How would you guys suggest I go about doing that?



Paint stripper comes to mind…
Maybe just wipe it with thinner.

Was this a Brett Grimes job? Just curious. I’ve got nothing against his work.

I’d say if you can get it to start coming off via a chip or something, then take your time and peel it away.

Yeah, it is painted by Brett Grimes.

I know it’s your yoyo but I wouldn’t do it. Even if it’s chipped. But you can do whatever you want…

Drill/drillpress/lathe and varying degrees of sand paper is the best and safest way.

Got it off. it was really easy, just took a cotton ball, put some acetone on it, rubbed till a little patch was there, then peeled the rest off. Now to take off the anno.