Genesis 3A

Hi what do you think about buying 2 genesis for doing 3A or what do you recommend?? (I already have some experience with 3A but unfortunatley the yoyos aren´t mine (the yoyos are 2 duncan raptors))

C3 DI base. Nuff said

Those would make a very good 3A pair, stability, spin time, they have that in Spades. I would however recommend something a little cheaper for your first 3A pair since you know that they are gonna get beat really fast. As M.devi said already, the Di base by C3 would probably make a good pair. Your basically looking for something that is really really stable, but also semi-cheap. I think you could find something good in the 40-60$ range ( the di-base falls in that category). However, if you have the money, I don’t think you could get a better 3A pair than a set of Genesis, Burnsides, Or Code 1s. Personally i would go with a couple burnsides. But that’s just me :slight_smile:

Genesis is a great 3a set, I recommend them if your experienced. I just think, don’t buy them retail, it’s a 3a set, they are going to get damaged, you can find them more cheaper on the BST.

Genesis is great for 3A. if they fit your budget go for it!

I’d opt for something like protostars at first, because like nicholi said… You’re going to see a lot of yoyo on yoyo action…

My first 3a pair was my geneses. They turned out just fine.

Genesis is fine for 3A. Other suggestions: Delicious, Irony, Code1.

It appears the code 1 is also highly recommended.