general yo hatrick and wooly marmot ..?

Can someone plz tell me where I can get these? I’ve done a lot of research and these are next to buy for my collection on payday. I can’t find them in stock ANYWHERE. I’ve tried every site I can think of. Yoyonation, YYE, yoyoguy… help please!

Well, companies like CLYW and General Yo are extremely exclusive and only do limited runs. The HATrick is discontinued and the Marmot is not discontinued, but is in the process of making a new run. Look in the BST, I got a HATrick for $50 and a ministar for $40.

Yep, as said above the hatrick is discontinued. However, you could probably find one in decent condition in the BST, and you could 100% definitely find a wooly marmot in great condition. For the marmot, if you want a new one, you’ll just have to wait a couple months, and then pounce on the opportunity to get one for the short amount of time they are in stock.

You might be able to PM Samad for a deal on a Hatrick…