?? General Yo 2nd run prototype KLR

So I won a 2nd run Prototype KLR at MER. I was just wondering how much it’s worth and how many are made and stuff like that. It’s mint and I was thinking about selling it to a friend for $110. It is raw(no paint) and no hand carved box. I like it a lot but want to get a glacier Express.

thanks for your help

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The green first run KLR with no box ran me $95. I didn’t want the box, so this worked out well for me.

Depending on the markings and size of the run, it should start around $85-90, but may be worth more if there aren’t that many made.

Of course, you won this, so you’re looking at 100% profit to put towards the Glacial Express, dropping in a matter of hours. I’m tapped on cash so I can’t afford to get this one on this run.


I think I’ll keep it to see if anyone wants to trade at ohio state
i love trading

It should hold it’s value quite nicely for trade purposes. It’s new and it’s amazing, and with yours being raw, it’s going to be a bit more rare, so it will have a higher trade value I think.

At least play it a bit!

Do these differ from the first run?

I play it on carpet. It is suprisingly fast and stable. Dead smooth too. I’ll need a solid deal to trade this one.

I’m not sure if this differs from the first run. On the G-yo website they said they would possibly be releasing the second run. My guess is it’s the same; mabey a weight change

I have the 2nd run 1st to be sold from erine, the answer to your question on price about what Studio42 said, its not the same as GE but plays awesome. Only down side is that it can not grind as long as my other General yo but I think that the string play does out do most if not all high end yoyo. I will post a picture of it later on tonight.

In the E-mail I sent to Erine I stated on the KLR

Dear Mr. Ernie

The KLR arrived last night and I wanted to let you know that it did.

I was amazed how it played right out the bat.
I normally have to get use to throwing any yoyo that I tried for atleast 3 minutes or so
to get the most out of the spin time and learn my limits with the throw.

But with the KLR it took no time at all. Its fast and nimble and even though I still suck in horizontal play
I got further then I ever did while playing the KLR.

I love this finish that is done it is one of the best I have seen in a long time.