G5 breaking bearings, how do i fix?

hey guys its zomah, and i have a G5. my g5 has never been lubed , and its breaking bearings. the bearings dont spin very long after about half an hour of play in my G5 and start to become ultra responsive, like come up with a tug. i know its the yoyo because i ruined a KK and thought it was the bearing. so i bought another KK. and it did the same thing. the first KK was a month old and the second was brand new. how do i fix this problem?

umm kk’s do that and put the spec bearing back in it


How new is the G5? It might just need some breaking in on the response. Just ignore the “problem” for a few weeks and it should be fine. And if you tell me you can’t play responsive, then you’re lying and really need to play responsive.