G2 Survey Wednesday 7/10/13

(G2 Jake) #1

Survey Wednesday!

What is your favorite Triton Colorway so far?

How do you feel about thunder storms?

Would you ever become a vegetarian?


To hard to choose!


And give up bacon? No way!


I just have to say something why is bacon so overrated, I mean its good and all but its still so hyped to make it godly why is it so hyped?

(kclejeune) #4

You better run before I find you and kill you…

  • Poison Arrow
  • Its been storming the last week and is now- I enjoy them
  • Went vegan for a while


-great when I’m at home, not so much during the week when I’m at work or out somewhere
-highly unlikely



They’re kewl

Heck naw


Big Bang :wink:

Meh depends

Nope probably not


Freedom. That spinning pic on Instagram is godly.

Perfect time to go swimming.
I love swimming.



no you better stash bacon or i will destroy it then kill you by making bacon rope then hang you with it


Big Bang




Big Bang;

They’re very good for sleeping;

I’d rather hurt animals than plants, so no;


Big bang was the best

They’re exciting