G2 for sale - PRICE DROP

Had some unexpected expenses come up so looking to sell a couple things. Prices negotiable. Add $5 for shipping in the US. Not looking for any trades. I can give you references if you need them

Sf x a-rt dk - a couple very slight scratches in the catch zone, and then a few weird deeper marks by the response. Nothing that affects play. SOLD

G2 mini banshee - nm to be safe. I’m not a big fan of minis but it’s a great yo-yo. Not the extra wide version. $80 $70 today

G2 gbp - awesome fun light bimetal. Nm to be safe $60 $50 today

G2 Valhalla w/ brass rims: Nm to be safe. Great yo-yo but I gravitate towards others lately and could use the $. SOLD

G2 stash can - SOLD


Dk is sold sorry

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Was a steal on that DK

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All these prices are good, I think. But yeah, just the appearance of a DK on the BST… :open_mouth: :weary:


Bump :crazy_face:

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Bump - $10 off anything today only


Bump, Valhalla and capsule sold - mini banshee and gbp still available. 110 for the pair !!

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