G Squared Triton Drops Tonight!

(G2 Jake) #1

Space Panther seems to be the favorite, which is your favorite?
56.5 Dia
44 width
66.25 grams
4.44 gap
Flowable silicone
OD 10 ball


I like poison arrow! Very cool looking throw.

(G2 Jake) #3

I’m undecided on my favorite.


Spray Tan for sure for me.


Overcast! Something different is always nice.

(G2 Jake) #6

It has that subtle classic look


Got to try one at the NER. Smooth and buttery! It’ll be a while before I can get a hold of one, though.


Space Panther if I had the money



Poison Arrow and Space Panther are cool, so is Overcast and Spray Tan! Wait… That’s all of 'em. So yeah they look great!


Is it dropping here? ANd space panther

(G2 Jake) #12

Yep yep

(G2 Jake) #13

So what did you get?