Funny Yoyo Video!


LOL, Hilarious yoyo video!

Happy Throwing! =]




yea its funny i use to have it on my myspace page. got old after awhile.


Oh, I’ve seen that one already. I used it in my yo-yo workshop in school. :stuck_out_tongue:
The fact’s not correct, though.


Was this a yoyo comeshale (don’t know how to spell) or Moutain Dew?


um…this video is really, really, really, really old, lolz


oh my god i love it you tube people are crazy…
diet dew?? lol


Fixed, YoYoExpert does not want swearing on this forum and I don’t like it when there is.

(DrSqueakers) #9

that is pritty funny, and yoyoman, I didnt see any swering


I thought I saw it but the fact at the end was still HALARIOUS!!
Funny stuff


This is an old video, but I still love it and think it’s hilarious!HAHA! :smiley: