I’m looking to trade my YoYoFactory Nova. I’m not trading for any negative reason, I just kinda feel like getting something different. That means i’m not selling :-\ sorry.

VERY VERY VERY VERY NEAR MINT! The only reason i’m not saying mint is because of these 2 marks that don’t even break ano. I didn’t show pictures of them because I can’t see them and they can only sometimes be felt, they don’t effect play at all. I tell everyone that it’s mint and they never suspect anything.

One more thing, I sort of want something a bit higher quality than the Nova and am perfectly happy to toss in some extra cash. (don’t worry, I happen to have a lot of U.S.A money even though I live in Canada) For example, if someone wanted to trade a Genises, I would give them the Nova and probably about $20.

I think there are about 4 or 5 pictures, just keep hitting newer. I took them in a homemade light box. ;D        LF: OFFERS


P.S I don’t have any feedback or trade count because I just started using these forums, so I’ll ship first if you have high feedback and trade count. If you think about it, everyone had 0 trade count and feedback at one point. :wink:

are you willing to sell it for less than $50 CAN?

noone is interested right now just sell it]