FT: YYF 888x, Protostar

Would like to get rid of this thing. It has a couple of marks, no dings and 1 or 2 scratches but cannot even see them. Comes with a center trak. Now I know 888’s are smooth, but with the center trak it is more like smooooooooooooth to the max. It is siliconed and plays like a dream.

And The protostar plays like any other… GREAT. It comes with a SPEC bearing which I find makes it smoother. It has one small mark on it which does not effect the play at all. And it is siliconed.

Stary night 888
Jon Rob genesis
Blue/Green acid wash wooly marmot
Cut black music edition.
Offer anything the worst I can say is no.

Pictures upon request.

P.S. First one to buy from me will get a free 10 pack of my homemade strings.

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What color is the Protostar?

It’s red.