CLYW Chief (Strawberries & cream colorway will get BIG) Artic Circle Avalanche Glacier Express
OD Cascade Burnside Code 1
Vs.Newton Battosai Beat Skywalker
YYF 09 Severe (OG capped ONLY!) Plastic Severe
Werrd Irony Split Decesion
Crucial Heavy Cream Delecious Milk (LB only)
Anti Yo Vizilla
G Squared Albatross

Werrd Hour - Blue w/Silver wash 1 tiny mark that blends in. DEAD SMOOTH. Not getting this unless its an amazing offer
Throwdown Luchador - Has 1 ding and a few small marks, inner walls are satined. Has to have a shim in it cause the bearing seats are flat. plays great for 5a
Crucial Milk 2% - Has a responsive SB. One Hub is shattered (Look in pics) besides that it plays good with a few little marks on the rims

Deal Sweetners

^ I love both of those so i would perfer just to make a fair deal:D

Bad Apples Skywalker
Hop King
09 Severe