FT: SPYY, Orbitron 5000 LF:clyw

Looking for-

  • Avalanche’s , sasquatch’s, and chief’s are what im mostly looking for (any condition)(multiple trades & cash)
    -Anything else

Offer Up, dont be shy the worst i can say is no.
Just Looking for trades :slight_smile:
If you have an offer please PM me. <–slower
Shoot me a text 248-821-7879 <-- Faster

SPYY Orbitron 5000- MINT
Plays dead smooth. Worlds edition. What more can i say.

Offer me any listed CLYW wants i will Trade this PLUS CASH (good amount varying)

20120808_134648 by Lucas_Blackburn, on Flickr

20120808_134635 by Lucas_Blackburn, on Flickr

YYF SuperNova- Traded

YYF G5- -Traded
It has some vibe to it but its a fun throw. this one comes stackless.

YYF Northstar-MINT Traded
It plays smooth and awesome.

Dark magic 2- Traded

It has some rim dings but plays good. deal sweetener.

Thanks for looking :slight_smile: