FT: Sovereign + Lots More LF: MESSIAH


Only looking for an Purple Beadblasted Messiah ATM however if you have a silver messiah then I might take that as well.

Want List:
-Messiah (BB’d Purple)
-Messiah (silver ano)

Here are the throws that I am trading:

-Heavy Cream (Dexter): Mint w/ Box
-Gorylla: Mint w/ Box
-Cut: Couple of flat spots. One mark that goes through ano.
-NVx: 3 scruffs that you can’t feel. Some pinpricks.
-Peak: Some really big dings
-P2 (Purple/Green): Couple of Marks
-Dingo (Cherry Blossom)- Mint w/ Box
-Campfire: Couple of marks
-Big Deal (Not Pictured) - Mint
-Hatrick (Gray/green) - Mint, 1st run
-5 star (raw/black) - 1st run, ultra rare colorway, near mint
-Proto Sovereign - Good condition, looking for an offer of a Messiah plus something else for this one.

(C4) #2

i have the fury your looking for and the marmot i reaky dont like the i like ondrop and the factory so il trade you for the p2 and the big deal

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #3

Do you take trades that are not on your want list?


You looking to sell the cherry dingo


thread is about 2 years old…probably not :-\

(system) #7