FT/S: Orange Rice Stacks. Want Jimmy Hats

SPYY Pro, Blue/Purple acid wash. Near Mint. One 1mm mark and one .5 mm mark from hitting my wedding ring, can’t be felt, just removed very small area of ano. Red silicone installed. $65
Red Die Nasty, Good condition, one very minor abrasion on both halves. $10

Orange Rice Stacks. (Mainly looking to trade as deal sweetner, or for White or Black Werrd Jimmy Hats)

White/Black Werrd Jimmy Hats
YYF 2012 Rockstar, DNA, Super G, Catalyst, Supernova, Supernova Lite
CLYW Avalanche, Sasquatch, Gnarwhal or SB Bassalope
C3 Winning Bird
Oxy 3vo
Duncan Exit 8
One Drop Markmont Next, Code 1 or 54
SPYY Supra (Purple)
BBYY Bully
Hspin Cut (Purple)
STYY Remnant 2 (red)
VsNYYC Skywalker or Battosai (depends on color)
Dif-e-yo Juggernaut
Feel free to offer away ($$ or trade offers)

Please PM with any questions or offerstions or offers.

hey man i got an avalanche brown with blue splash, kinda scratched up but plays like new. you want?

for both of them from crazycar

i pm-ed you

added die nasty and rice stacks