FT/S: Kitteh Edition Code 2

Got this Kitteh Edition #24/23 (yup you read it right) prototype Code 2, pretty dang rare from what I understand. Just got about a week or two ago, played with but still mint. I’m basically just looking to see if I’ll get any stellar offers. I’ll only take cash if it’s too good to pass up. Still have box, with 2 (I believe) custom kitteh strings still in it. Just PM me!



that was quick.

Haha, yeah, I’m curious to see what’ll be offered, and wanted to put it up while it was still in good condition. Not hastily trying to get rid of this er anythin’.

I can’t believe this is posted in the bst section…this is a collectors item! It deserves to be on the display page, not the bst :confused: keep it, it’s basically one of a kind.

Well it could be your one of a kind if you offer right .

He probably wont sell it for less than like $250 cause thats basically how much the regular ones sell for. Not worth the money unless Im a collector in my opinion.

Well, that’s the stinky part, as these sold at that price for a fund-raiser.

That’s true…it’s not going to a fundraiser anymore…so it’s basically like a custom code 2 now.