FT/S Hspins+Turning Point Leviathan2 prices added wants inside

I have added prices so you can buy or trade, you can always offer what you think the yoyo is worth all sensible offers wil be considered thank you.

I have some positive feedback on another forum for your piece of mind cheers

No lowball offeres please and dont offer any plastics thanks

I have a mint gold Hspin Icon smooth trade or £30/$45 shipped

Also a black Hspin Gorylla with a KK has some scuffs (got it like that) perfectly smooth and plays wonderfully scuffs are small and dont effect play trade or £30/$45 shipped

Also an Hspin NVX absolutely mint condition like brand new with ceramic hybrid bearing pink/purple smooth trade or £45/$70 Shipped

Turning Point Leviathan 2 with a terrapin X bearing brand new thrown for 5 minutes with bag, not my thing totally mint brand new condition, any marks in the pictures are purely dust/fingerprints trade or £85/$130 shipped cost me $170 from Japan plus charges :’( would really prefere cash for this one though but if you have a sweet offer let me know

offer anything good

This is what I would like but im open to offers on any thing of equal or higher value

Yoyorecreation Messiah

big brother wedgie

ILYY Sakura

[b]Hugo Z Hor the newer releases or any thing cool offer up

I would like also a green ILYY Torino if theres any about big time!!!

ILYY Enigma

Heavy Cream Purple Splash

I can add money on to the right deal

would not mind doing a multiple trade also


can add cash for the right deal

YYR red Messiah(mint) for that Leviathan.

Dude, this thread is 3 years old. Plus he hasn’t signed in in almost 2 months.