FT:Rec Rev No.9, Painted Bully and SB 09 888, LF: YYF/OD/YYJ/more SHUTTER PLEASE

Bully-painted finish, chips in the paint all around both rims but plays smooth, silicone needs to be broken in more.

Wedgie-1 of 1 revolver wedgie, pinprick knicks around the lip and the beadblast is starting to wear slightly. Plays smooth but one half needs to be siliconed. Beautiful yoyo, but I don’t play it enough to warrant keeping it. GONE

No.9- Mint, but needs a silicone job and a bearing

888- I believe it is an 09 small bearing 888. Has 3 pinpricks on one half, but plays as smooth as any other 888 I’ve tried. The pads are worn and really slippy. Comes with standard hubstacks.


Looking For (in descending order):
-One Drop Chik/Burnside/Projects
-YYF Gfunk/Shutter/Genesis unstacked/Supernova
-Yoyojam Phenomizm/Xcon Pro
-Werrd Hour
-Misc Interesting/boutique throws

Willing to make 2 for 1 deals if the offer is good.