FT: Nintendo DSiXL LF: Peak, Marmot, G5

I have a black Nintendo DSiXL for trade
has Aura Aura Climber, Alpha Bounce, Brain Age Express Math & Arts, Photo Dojo, Robot Rescue already installed on the internal memory. It is in very good, near mint condition. has a few surface scratches on the top. Charger is included. It also has a sticker of some gleeful ninjas prancing in a meadow accompanied by flying mustaches, with mustaches themselves. It is a very very awesome sticker, but will remove the sticker if specifically requested. :wink:

I am looking for pretty much any CLYW but specifically a Peak, or a Marmot
I would also like a YYF G5 but it has to be blue. Sorry only blues please.
But I am open to any offers, feel free to PM me, or post here, and I’ll be sure to get back to you.