Ft ~ MIP ILYY/OD SE Sakura, Lf: Clyw


Hey guys!

As the title suggests i have a sweet pretty much new SE Sakura up for grabs, its mint and comes with the original pouch and sticker, it is in the Melon Colorway and plays dead smooth, just not my thing :slight_smile:

I’m aware that i have no feedback here, but on the UK Fourms i have just made my 36th Positive Trade, which i will be more than happy to link you to in a PM, as i feel it would be more respectable to not post it in another Fourm, BUT if you have a lot of feedback i understand if you would like me to ship first, in that case i would be more than happy to do so! :slight_smile:

As for wants im pretty much after anything Clyw excluding the Avalanche and Campfire, if the colorway is Very nice or rare i will be happy to throw in a Pair of Brand new dome side effects to go along with the stalk ones :smiley:

Here are some of my wants, Condition does not have to be perfect but if its completely beat i am not interested.

Clyw : Arctic Circle, Gnarwhal, Chief, Sasquatch, Bvm2, CLIFF, GLACIER EXPRESS, Summit, Marmot., will also accept some one drop or YYF

Like i said its Perfectly mint and plays like new, here are some pictures :


BUMP! will do 80$ shipped… bear in mind shipping is like 10 $

(system) #3