FT: Gnarwhal. LF: Another Gnarwhal (Pics added)

I’ve got a blue with brown speckle Gnarwhal that I’m looking to trade for another colorway. I love the Gnarwhal, I’m just not sure I’m sold on this particular one. There’s some pretty minor dents on the inside of the yoyo near the response, but they don’t affect play and it’s got a bit of that CLYW vibe, but it still plays like a champ. Anyway, if you’re interested in trading Gnarwhal colorways, shoot me a PM and I’ll get you some pictures of the yoyo. I’m really only interested in trading for another Gnarwhal, so no other offers please. Thanks guys!


any chance we can see some pics, per b/s/t forum rules?

thanks :slight_smile: