FT General yo B Grade ENTHEOS!!!!!/New Genesis!!!!!!!/OTHERS

Im new to these forums and im looking for a few new throws.If i dont respond im not interested or im offline. Please know that the Entheos is not for sale. It is only for trades from my wants list. Please do not send me trades thats not on the wants list. The wants list is on the bottom of this BST!!.

What i have is,
General yo,Entheos,Smooth no box OFFER. MINT!

YYF Genesis My Favriote Yoyo!!! It Is Gonna Take Alot To Get Of Me!!! Mint. DEAD SMOOTH! Violet/Blue Splash

                                        Wants list :)
                   CLYW- Any tipe of throw from this company
                  Gen-YO Any type of throw from this one as well.
                   One drop- Cascade- Pancakes edition only.
                    YYF- Supernova- *MUST BE MINT* :)
                  More pending- DYNAMO-SPYY,CLYW AVALANCHE,ONEDROP-M1.
                                               Thanks, Joshiep65

I have 2011 Genesis i’ve been wanting to get off my hands for a few ding but does not affect grinding. Would You Be able to trade For That Avalanche?

bump please trade of wants list

Are We Going To Trade?

i dont thinks so i traded it away for the entheos. preety good de@l though alvin


bump please trade

Very cool

G5 look`s pretty nice.

I have a g funk

bump new genesis

Pending Purple mint blue splash genesis

New genesis