Ft: g2/art lf: g2&clyw

Looking Fir:

  1. G2 Swirl Pelicans preferably a Mutant Snozberry, Freedom or Whirl Pool Swirl maybe even a Caribbean Splash, Burgandy or Unicorn Galaxy:D

  2. G2 Wolf World Breaker, Arkham, Freedom, Snozberry or Arctic Swirls might take a solid color

  3. CLYW Compass any fade colors

  4. CLYW Kayak any fade colors

  5. Basecamp Expedition Red or Orange

  6. Also interested in trying a cheif, Scout or borealis never tried them lol


  1. Mint glitch (ano only) Off Road OG Pelican with koozie no box though.

  2. Amplified return tops berry fanta B Grade for ano Woofa scuff in one rim that breaks ano damage pictured still butter smooth comes with stickers and I will have to find the box !

! Hit me up with offers! Trading G2 for G2 only.

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There has to be a better way to handle this man. Flag the thread and leave a user review so people don’t fall for scams, if he is a scammer.

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Listen who ever this is don’t talk to my son this way he is only 14 we have no idea what you are talking about I just mentored a sale of yoyos for bradley to gizzmothegreat it went very smoothly if this is how this community speaks to kids he’s not to partake it in it any longer anyways

Oh he’s only 14? Explain why this profile says he’s 24… you liar. You’re scum. Chase. Scum of the earthimage

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I’m not sure why he did that but Bradley won’t be using this website anymore anyways. I will just buy his yoyos new from the store from now on and once again you should seriously watch your filthy mouth! Have a good day.

Oh imagine that… chase is already leaving the community again. Hopefully without stealing anymore money. Gday mate. And remember, if you find your way back in I’ll find you and call you out, again and again. Your reddit account has also been forward to admins and you’ll likely be booted once again!!! :v:t3:

Soooo… Can we close this thread? Or is that only up to OP? @codinghorror

Not even OP can close threads. Has to be an admin. Needs to be locked, not closed. People need to see this scum bag trying to scam, time after time.