FT/FS green crucial delicious, signed by Eric Koloski

I recently just got a green crucial delicious and had it signed by Eric Kolosky from yoyojam at cal states.It has a few nicks, but very few, and is otherwise completely mint. Here is a list of what I am looking for in a trade (in order of most wanted to least), but of course I am open to all. I can assume that many of the things that are on the list are out of reach fro something like this, but i may be able to throw in some money or something to make it a fair trade.

List of what i would like:
smooth move
Evil yo
almost any c3 yoyo
la goutte

Here are some pics:

the yoyo

the signature

top view

this is the only noticeable damage.

Can we see pictures please

whoops sorry, those will be up in a few