FT: DNA LF: TI Walker between $200-250 and a Peak for the DNA

My DNA is the silver and green one and I bought it thinking I was gonna love it! I wasn’t dissappointed but its not what I was expecting
It is dead smooth grinding playing and stacks.
Super fun not so much my style though. I would like to trade for a Peak!!
The peak has to be smooth but can have minor dings but must be As smooth as possible.

I have plenty of money to spend and I want a TI-Walker
willing to spend between $200-250 must be mint or dang near!

The Noctu is my brothers and he said he just wants offers
It is smooth on the string, satined in the middle (pics up soon)
and has vibe on grinds but plays fast and fun!

how much for the dna it dosent seem that great but it looks ok :stuck_out_tongue: