FT: Crucial Heavy Cream LF: 44, Flea v2, Flying V

[s]Title pretty much says it all. I have a Mint Crucial Heavy Cream and Mint 3yo3 Bass Line for trade. I won both of these last week and have only thrown them maybe 10 times each. Their both great but don’t fit into my very quarky playstyle. I’m Looking for a Boss, a 44, Flying V, and a Mighty Flea v2. I might also take cash if no one has what I want.

Heavy Cream: Raw $100[/s]

Bass Line: Pyramatte finish, anodized Gold. No engraving, but has Landon Balks autograph on one side. RARE $90

I also have a few plastics that I would be willing to trade to even up the deal (i.e. PGM, Legacy, Relics, etc.,) depending on what you have to trade.

I have a BOSS PM me

I Found a pair of Loop 900’s, so no longer looking for those.

Buyer backed out, Still looking for a Boss, Bass Line is still available.

I have a boss, PM me.