FT: 1 of 12 G2 Lost Treasure Respawn, LF: watermelon RBC or organics

G2 really did a great job with this modern responsive, I just have too many modern responsives and am in need of an organic unresponsive. Figured this would give me the best shot of getting something nice as much as I’ll hate to see it go. The artwork really is nice.

This is mint and free of vibe, also comes with the koozie.

Only looking for trades. I’ll hear all offers, but if you want a quick yes, hit me up with either an old CLYW or an old General yo.


Alleycat is gone to a cool dude on Facebook

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Man that alleycat was mine :joy:

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Bump for Respawn and Aitch and sorry Matt, next time brother

Edit:. Keeping the Aitch and trading the G2 for a nice organic, old CLYW or old General yo. If you got something else, send me an offer, I gotta go back to the post office Friday morning anyway.