FS:YYR Clash, YYF Genesis, and YYF Monster!!!!!!

Hey guys I want to buy a new long board so I need to sell some throws even though i’d really like to keep them.

First is a YYR Clash. It’s red, beadblasted, so amazing and smooth. The guy I got it from said it was mint but when I got it it had this little tiny mark by the bearing seat. So close to mint though. It has been recessed by Landon Balk at 3yo3 to accept flowable silicone and it still has the KK. I love this thing and I would like to get $100 for it.

Next is my black acid wash Genesis, its an awesome throw in near mint condition. Fast and floaty, im going to miss it but I can always get another one. How about $55?

Finally is my mint green Monster, such a legit yoyo.Not sure what else to say. I would like to get $75.

Prices are some what negotiable and I can send pictures via text. Not really looking for trades unless you have a nice CLYW or longboard parts.

pics have to be posted… just text them to your email and post them here.