FS: Wood Lego Yoyo (sold)

I have a pretty worn out wood yoyo made by Lego that is somewhere between 60-80 years old. Bought it on eBay from a guy in Denmark awhile back and I’m just looking to add it to someone else’s collection. I don’t have the original string or box but the throw itself still plays pretty good. Looking for $88 shipped

I have a nice ILYY Solid that is nmtbs for sale. I’m looking to get $158 shipped and I do not have the box. It’s dead smooth and it’s a great throw but it got replaced on my wall. (Sold)

Diameter: 53.70
Width: 37.90
C bearing
1 of 20 release


Damn I didn’t even know Lego ever made yo-yos. Low and behold, here’s one now. Just looked it up and apparently the Lego dude had a huge warehouse full of these that he couldn’t sell (because the yoyo boom died down) so he turned them into wheels for a toy truck, as to not waste them. They never made another yoyo. Pretty cool story.


Yeah they have a pretty cool backstory.