FS: Vosun Vanquish, YYF Pop star, Shutter and more

Hi, I’m trying to downsize my collection so I have a bunch of yo-yos for sale!

Price are listed under each yo-yo, and DO NOT include shipping, add on $8 for shipping to the USA, payments with PayPal.

If you want to get multiple, pm me and maybe I can give you a deal.

Vosun Vanquish, dead smooth, pretty much perfect condition. $25 USD

Two king yo star kits, both have multiple scrapes and scratches, but are still pretty smooth. $12USD EACH

Yo-yo factory b-grade shutter, very smooth, dose have, some small dings around the sides. $15 USD

Yoyo factory pop star, very smooth, a few tiny scrapes on the side but no major dings $15 USD

Duncan Big Fun, rarely used at all, plays perfectly as new. $12 USD

Magic yo-yo t10, a few small scratches and scrapes, z- stacks have a bit of scratching, quite smooth $8 USD



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