FS/Trade---Bishop, BvM (OG), and Kuntosh


Looking for a few throws and have a specific wants list or cash.

BvM–Minor damage, plays smooth–$75

Bishop–I have two of these, just looking to sell/trade one. Supercharged colorway is mint and smooth, black w/ gold drip is mint with minor hint of vibe–$70 for the smooth one, $55 for one with minor flaw

Kuntosh–mint and smooth–SOLD

Looking for:

-Heaven Sent Creep
-Blizzard (unengraved only)


New yoyos + Prices
Entire lot for $140




Prices added. Looking to sell


Package deal added, take both for $105 shipped in the US.




Added new stuff!


Updated: Kuntosh is sold.

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