FS: TP Misfit Grade 5; SF Ti Cad

Price is shipped CONUS and F&F
Feels free to ref check here: Feedback

1. Misfit Gr.
Got from the latest drop of Kentaro Mannen (Ex YYR team member fyi) on BB26, sadly have to let go and look for other option that fits my play.

Condition: Mint and Smooth
Price: $435

2. SF Ti Cad
This is my used one different from the previous one I sold, love it but I need a more powerful throw. For this I am more than happy to let it go for significantly cheaper than the Mint one I sold.

Price: $333.33
Condition: NM with Ti mark from uses

If any detail above does not fulfill own’s satisfaction, please refrain from buying

Thank you for your time!!!


Cadence Stock SOLD!
Misfit Gr. Added!

How about a gap view?

I know I’ve asked this a few times in the last 14 years or so…

But, I think a gap view gives a little better idea of the shape of the yo-yo.

Also, any specs you could share?

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Oh shoot, thank you so much for reminding me the gap view pic, I have it on FB BST but forgot to put it here

Also below are specs:
Diameter: 56mm
Width: 46.8mm
Weight: 66.6 gram

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Personal Ti Cad added (Ti Cad 2)!