FS: TITANIUMS - Sunbird, AntiThesis, Albatross

For Sale, a few titaniums at a good price. If my price is BS, shoot a message and haggle. If you want to trade, send a message with your trades.

  • YoyoFriends Ti Sunbird. NEW condition. (SOLD)

  • Thesis AntiThesis. Mint & smooth. If you’d rather have black, I have it too. 215$ + ship

  • G2 Ti Albatross. NEW never used (I have two). This is such a nice Ti, in the few months since people have it, I haven’t seen a single one for sale. 265$ + ship (retail 295)

My packaging is the best, I include chocolates, and ship fast. I can ship international, have done it many times. Here’s a thread with feedback. Thanks !



Ti Sunbird is gone, the bird flew away.
AntiThesis and Ti Albatross still there, good prices and awesome models!


Don’t hesitate to deal with Pierre top notch guy and some fire throws as well


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