FS/T: YYR, TP, YYM, Diamont Noir, ILYY

For sale unless you can bring me an Aglam, a Slasher or an Overdrive


YYF Rockstar:
Very Near Mint 35$

ILYY Falcon:
Some light damages 40$

YYM Checkmate
One single visible ding 75$

Diamont Noir Celestial Deuxième
Some pinpricks and raw scratches and marks 45$

YYR Triads
White, mint, same marks on the rims as other Triads 50$
Clear, filed so doesn’t cut strings, some things that look like cracks, yet I’m not sure the are, it came with them. 35$

TP Leviathan 2 Marcus Koh Edition
Some light damages 65$

200$ for everything

Shipping from France