FS/T: YYF Genesis, G-Funk LF: One Drop, SPYY



  • One Drop CODE 1
  • YYF DNA / Mutant DNA
  • YYF Skyline
  • SPYY Addiction
  • Other SPYY or stacked YYF may be of interest, too. PM if you want one of mine. Worst that will happen is I’ll say no!

TRADED Genesis. Silver with blue splash. Excellent condition. $70 shipped.

TRADED G-Funk. Good condition, with some scratches on the rims. Black “wavelength” colorway. $40 shipped.

TRADED Supernova. (Picture is upside-down, oops!) Silver with red splash. Excellent condition. $70 shipped.

TRADED Super-G. Light green, blasted finish. Excellent condition. $70 shipped.

Full album is here: http://imgur.com/a/HgbOl

If you make an offer on a throw, I’ll reserve it for you and mark it “pending” for a couple of weeks or until the deal is done.

I’ll ship USPS Priority with tracking, in a box, unless you have another preference. Shipping outside the U.S. will probably be more.





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