fs/t satined superstar---wants are inside

my beloved superstar. was grey anoed satined the whole body. it has some pricks from prior damage but thats pretty much it. it is veery smooth. it plays very strong . this will take a great offer to get it off of me. comes with nubs . pm me offers

can add these as sweetners:

1.Modded squirrel- schmooved and dual sili recessed, no bearing though.
4.modded fhz- was blue dyed black and has damage all around not that deep but goes through the dye. it plays very unresponsive. it is spr recessed and comes with red caps.
5. gold flame cap painted fast 201- it is satined and gold. it has higby flame painted caps and is stock.


How much for the FHZ?

all prices are offer

15$ For the red/black FHZ?

How bout an 09 aqua 888 for the superstar

Interested in a good condition second run DXL fivestar?

Wow, really Johnny? You got a SS, and you hated it because it “snagged” and you traded it for that 888.

NEVER, trade a DXL 5 star! Only 20 made! :o :o :o

He’s probably not liking the 5-Star. Let every man have its own opinion.

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