FS/T: NYYR Looking for Iphone 5s: C3, DS, Something, YYR, YYF + More Inside

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Hey Everyone!

Bunch of stuff here for Sale Mainly!!! I’ve been spending a lot of money and need to recoup some

I am looking to trade or buy for an iPhone 5s. I prefer AT&T or unlocked is even better. Color doesn’t matter much but just want 16gb+. Get at me in PM’s if you have one your willing to get rid of.

HitmanX, mint, $35
Hatchet, couple small dings, 40
CrazyD, one ding, $35
TheV, couple sanded dings, $30
1/3 Queen, one tiny ding, $75
Wrath, powdercoated, few marks under PC, $50
Wrath, one tiny ano scuff, $75
7075 pride, 2 dings, sig colorway, $75
6061 pride, custom ano, mint aside from ano flaws, $75
Pride proto, only 4 made, 1tiny ding, $75
Cypher, mint $35
Shutter, no dings but a ano scuff or two, $33
Pwave, few marks but nothing major, $70
trident, marks around rim, $50
Mr butcher, mint, $110
Gambit, mint but has ano fade in the pink, $55
Worlds Dback, mint, $105
bebop, one flat spot, $65
messiah, one ding, $75
Overdrive2, 1 ano scuff, $80

If you want more info or detailed pics just let me know. Looking just to sell through Paypal. Prices are shipped in the US.

ONLY trades I’d be interested in are:
YYR Draupnir (Gold, Blue, Purple, Emerald) In that order
TP Isotope2
TP Palpitation
Gradient (picky on colors, no solids)
Valor (gold or copper only)
Selkie (gold)
Jetset EC
Prototype Rally (blue light one)

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